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August 25th, 2022


3 weeks




Free of charge

Key features

Creative Marketing Camp

Challenge your limits at IT product company!

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About the camp

At our camp, you will try out the role of Creative Marketing Manager and then get the opportunity to join the IT product company.


We have a strong team of marketing professionals and we want to continue growing with talented people. Our main goal is to influence the development of the IT product sector by improving the knowledge and experience of entry-level specialists.



We're looking for

  • Students who want to deepen their knowledge of marketing and digital promotion

  • Specialists who are interested in digital marketing but have minimal experience

  • Switchers from related fields who wish to learn the profession by practicing on real cases

  • Anyone who wants to start a career as a Marketing Manager at an IT product company

What can you expect 

Make effective creatives that generate revenue
The main goal of the camp is to learn how to make creatives based on market and audience analysis that generate revenue.


Get experience with Facebook Ads Manager
During the process, you will gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience with Facebook Ads Manager.


Launch your own campaign with mentors assistance
You will be able to test your hard skills by launching your own advertising campaign under the mentorship of our marketing experts.


Bootcamp Program

Camp Intro

  • Objectives of the camp

  • The role of marketing manager

  • The company’s products, achievements, culture, benefits, and values ​​

Performance Marketing

  • What is Performance Marketing and how it benefits business

  • The Performance Marketing funnel and its metrics

Market Analytics

  • Users and audience

  • Competitor analysis

  • Marketing hypotheses

All About Creatives

  • The role of creatives in Performance Marketing

  • The key elements of creatives

  • Policy

  • How to make supreme creatives


  • How auctions work and the main settings for advertising campaigns

  • Launching your own campaigns

  • Performance analytics


Selection Process


Intro test


Creative Task

Start of camp

Welltech is all about creating mobile applications that help millions of people around the world improve their health. 


Our main distinguishing feature is the desire to constantly grow, develop, and learn new things.

Selection Process

After the camp, you will:

Know how to  to make supreme creatives

Be able to launch ads through the Facebook Ads Manager

Understand the Performance Marketing metrics 

Have a certificate confirming your participation in the project

Be able to join our team if you successfully complete the camp

2022-07-29 15.04_edited.jpg

What I loved most about the Creative Marketing Camp was the opportunity to immediately put our new knowledge into practice and launch campaigns in real life with real budgets. 
The Creative Marketing Camp is an opportunity not only to gain knowledge, but also to try out a new position and understand right away whether you like that kind of work or not. It is an opportunity to see what a typical work day of a Marketing Manager is like. That is especially cool, because when you only study theory it is difficult to understand what everything would actually be like in real life. It is an interesting experience overall and a challenge for yourself too, which is also motivating due to the competitive nature of it. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. It feels like you've been on the team together for a long time and you all know each other and are genuinely happy to be working with one another.
Everything was very simple and clear, and there was a very cool onboarding process for the course, so you understand where to go and what to do. I want to thank my mentor because I had a really positive experience interacting with her.

Marketing Manager at Welltech


  • Who is a Creative Marketing Manager?
    Creative Marketing Manager is testing various hypotheses to engage users, embodying their ideas in creative. He works closely with a team of graphic and motion designers, prescribing detailed technical tasks and creative scenarios. Launches creative testing for potential users, monitors test advertising campaigns, analyzes the funnel metrics and, through metric analysis and visual analysis, develops its own creatives. The main task of Creative Marketing Manager is to create effective creatives, with which the business can attract as many users as possible on favorable terms for marketing. Also in addition Creative Marketing Manager: Conducts market analysis Studies the product audience Interacts with other teams for product development and marketing in general
  • Is there a guarantee of joining the team after the project?
    We don't guarantee cooperation with the company for all participants. Only the best students will get the opportunity to have a final interview and potentially receive an invitation to cooperate.
  • How much does it cost to participate in the camp?
    Participation in the Creative Marketing camp is free. What's more, you can receive a stipend of $200 during the camp.
  • Why is the company organizing a free project?
    Our main goal is to impact product IT development by improving the knowledge and expertise of entry-level specialists. We have the expertise and experience of successfully launching and promoting products on the global market, so we strive to share our knowledge with everyone.
  • How often do you hold a Creative Marketing Camp?
    The frequency depends on the number of new products launched by the company, the need to scale the teams of existing projects to grow the company as a whole. Creative Marketing Camp is held no more than once a month.
  • Who can become a participant of the camp?
    Anyone can take part in the selection process for the camp. Those who successfully complete all the stages will be able to enroll in the camp.
  • What level of English is required for the camp?
    For a comfortable camp, a level of English intermediate or higher is required. It is important that participants can read, understand and analyze information in English fluently.
  • How will the camp be held?
    The course program includes theoretical part, practical tasks, online lectures from experts, Q&A sessions with mentor, networking, and feedback.
  • How much time will it take to study?
    On average, training takes 4 hours daily. But this time can increase or decrease, depending on your pace of work.

Discover new career horizons!

Registration is closed! 

We recruited participants.

You can apply to participate next time.

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